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Express Yourself

Não tem o que descrever, não gosto de ser rotulado faço aquilo que me der na telha, posto aquilo que quero e aquilo que me agrada odeio seguir uma coisa padrão procuro sempre inovar, não gosto de nada monótono.

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…tento entrar em um novo círculo de amigos.



(by lisaang / wswcm)

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Mine l Beyoncé


Mine l Beyoncé

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Conquistar um coração de verdade dá trabalho.

- Luis Fernando Veríssimo.   (via auroriar)

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Eu sou um bocado sensível demais…

- Clarice Lispector.   (via auroriar)

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Happy 85th Birthday Audrey Hepburn! (b. May 4th, 1929 - January 20th, 1993)

"What you see in Audrey Hepburn is exactly what you get. There is no public and private persona. She is what she seems to be. It may sound boring, but Audrey is one of the most special human beings I’ve ever met in my entire life."

Lawrence E. Bruce Jr.

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Onw <3 não julgo ! #BoyFriend #Blogosfera #Fashionista #Funny #LifeStyle #Blogueiro


Onw <3 não julgo ! #BoyFriend #Blogosfera #Fashionista #Funny #LifeStyle #Blogueiro

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So please don&#8217;t judge me :3

So please don’t judge me :3

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Tamara&#8217;s Home

Tamara’s Home

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Express Yourself

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